Obsidian Wavecleaver Daiklave

weapon (melee)


Attunement Cost: 8m

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
4 +1 6L/3 5 2 0

Like it’s less powerful counterpart, the obsidian wavecleaver daiklave has two hearthstone sockets.

Design Commentary: This is simply an improvement in the baseline wavecleaver daiklave to improve it from a two dot artifact to a three dot artifact. No special traits are included, just a dice improvement.

Design Update: Stats changed to reflect errata changes to the Wavecleaver Daiklave. Reduced speed by 1, reduced accuracy by 2, reduced damage by 2, reduced overwhelming damage by 2 and increased defense by 2. (03/19/12).


The standard wavecleaver daiklave is a staple weapon for celestial exalts that find themselves regularly fighting within the limited confines of a ship. The obsidian variation is an enhancement that increases the destructive and defensive qualities of the weapon. Despite its name, the blade is not made of obsidian. Instead, adding black jade into the formula results in a significantly darker blade that when properly maintained looks much like obsidian.

Obsidian Wavecleaver Daiklave

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