Weight of a Thousand Suns


Manse OOOOO (Smoke)

Those that attack the bearer of this hearthstone bring entropy and decay upon themselves, burning away the vigor within their body even as they try to strike down the foe before them. Whenever the bearer parries an attack or successfully deals damage, whomever she crossed blades with gains one fatigue point (limit of 1 per turn, up to a maximum of the bearer’s essence score). These fatigue points operate exactly like those gained through strenuous activity (Core, pg 130), a cumulative 1 die internal penalty to all actions, except they cannot cause someone to pass out. Instead, once a target has accrued more fatigue points than their (Stamina + Resistance) they must roll a single die for every action they take and consult the table below:

10Remove one point of fatigue
7-9The action happens as desired
1-6The action is botched

These fatigue points are also removed at a faster pace than normal fatigue. Every 5 minutes not spend performing a strenuous activity will reduce the fatigue count by one.


This is the hearthstone of The Ashen Path.

Weight of a Thousand Suns

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