Avria Drawings

God-blooded Artistry

Composed herein is a list of Arvia’s prophetic drawings and any notes about their veracity. Note that these are arranged in the order in which we found them. Left out are the multitude of generic drawings featuring the main cast and its supporting members engaged in sexual activity. There are too many of those to begin to count, Arvia has a dirty sixth sense. Now that Arvia’s dirty mind has gotten better at her drawings, there is separate Porn Pile of specific erotic couplings and happenings, at the end of this list.

Older Entries

  • The circle running through a maze of flowers.
    • Confirmed: The party dealt with this in Nexus.
  • The circle fighting a large group of hobgoblins.
  • Dark figures with mo-hawks sailing after Tya Mnemia.
  • Nessa attacking someone with an oar while on a boat in a river.
    • Confirmed: It was actually Nessa’s father’s soul in her body that attacked The Doctor while he delivered her to Kadon Cind.
  • People made of sunlight caught in a net.
    • Confirmed: Lookshy was using these creatures to power a manse.
  • Flood in Halta
  • Scarletsurrounded by fire.
    • Faded: We stopped this from occurring.
  • Fox, Yuki’s mate, captured, but holding The Book of Three Circles.
  • A woman dancing in a room filled with dead soldiers of the realm, seemingly oblivious to the corpses. The room was designed by an architect named Kal Bax.
  • A tribe of women chasing after a boy while a dragon’s shadow is cast from above.
    • Confirmed: Met Btao, Rua’nin has a thing for him. He’s safe.
  • Gavin in various situations:
    • On a boat.
    • In a pile of hay trying to remove a monkey becoming amorous with his foot.
    • Traveling with a tanned woman seemingly as her prisoner.
    • Tying a letter to the foot of a white owl.
    • Chasing a people kidnapping the son of Ophilis Ses, while a woman is chained to him.
  • Shards of metal raining down upon Nexus.
  • Someone stealing Zuko’s wedding bands
    • Implausable: Now that they are worn on their fingers, this seems unlikely. It might have happened in alternate future seen within the Hidden Manse.
  • Jester taking the glass bauble from the hair of Gen’s secretary after killing her, leaving it with a freehold.
    • Update: This happened a long time ago. Actually it was Kira, one of Gavin’s former lovers and the one who taught him swordmanship. He used her form later to create the disguise as Gen’s secretary
  • Dark creatures made of disembodied shadows that seem to be the antithesis of Solars and neutralize any attack a Solar uses against them.
    • Possible: Reference to the creatures in the prison under Nexus perhaps.
    • Possible: Reference to the manifestations of the Great Curse when it’s exposed.
  • Harbinger of Dawn crashing down upon a demonic warstrider in an attack.
  • The circle being attacked by a disheveled homeless-looking man with a knife.
  • Mercury’s Envy being followed by another ship that is firing a powerful beam into the ground. The beam is blasting open a large trench as the ship moves.
  • Strength of Many, and a large Dawn Caste arguing with each other while pulling a large cart through the desert surrounding Malfeas. Gavin appears to be trying to break up the disagreement.
    • Update: Has occurred, we weren’t present.
  • Goliath naked woman sitting on the ground while everything seems to melt around her. The flower Zuko stole from Autocthonia is there but it is also melting, leaving the inner bud intact. She is holding the black obsidian mirror from Zoranna’s lab in her hand and prepares to slit her wrists with it.
    • Update: We know this woman to be Ophelia, a Primordial trapped in Oblivion.

New Entries (3/26/11)

  • Aly and Kasi are eight-ish and working in the bilges of a ship as punishment. Tya Celeste is also there and is scolding Zis in a way to indicate Zis should be punished too.
    • Confirmed: Zis taught the girls Necromancy and they murdered other peoples’ pets to attain it. Grandma was less than pleased.
  • The three cloaked figures who represented Lucy in Luthe facing another cloaked figure who has a raised metallic hand pointed at them, and is making demands.
  • The unknown Snake-beastman from our visions of the future in the Hidden Manse is an exalt of an unknown type. His strange caste mark is glowing while his hand is on the shoulder of a Dawn Caste Solar from the Cult of the Illuminated. The charm he is using seems to be drawing black tendrils out of the Solar and into himself, though this process seems quite painful and the Solar is bound to a chair. Kadon Cind discovered the black tendrils being drawn out were the Solar’s Limit points.
  • Six Haslanti airships, one flying Ioni’s family colors, are doing battle with three other ships of Haslanti design which fly no colors. The three unknown ships are all first class and two are protecting a third which has troops roping down into an emerald which has patches of fire in it. The six Haslanti ships have lost two second class ships already and a third is in the process of going down as a black swarm covers its balloon. The swarm seems prepared to jump to another nearby vessel. The remaining three ships are two first class and a second class vessel. All around individual gliders are dog-fighting with strange bat-like creatures.
  • Gavin is holding a child while falling near a building that seems to be growing arms to grab him. The place appears dark, and Gavin no longer has Whore’s sword with him.
    • Confirmed Gavin helped save Charon and Pluto from Malfeas and protected them in Chiaroscuro

New Entries (9/3/11)

  • Ioni in a Shadowland avoiding small brush fires
  • Buildings in Chiaroscuro falling down and collapsing
    • Confirmed We fought in Chiaroscuro once. The City was attacking people with its parts
  • Kadon Cind fighting with Gavin bearing a strange new caste mark. They seem ready to kill each other and very close to doing so.
  • Aly and Kasi whispering together and conspiring along with the Banshee spirit.
  • Gavin sitting in a armchair across a table from an empty armchair. He seems to be talking aloud to nobody.
  • A conference between the Squirrel Girls and some rat people. (Possibly the Nezumi)
  • V’neef Sidney being dragged down a corridor by some dragon-blooded bureaucrats in the realm. She is weakly struggling and nauseous.
    • Confirmed Sidney was taken to the imperial city to impersonate a wood-aspect to meet with Aboshi under the guise of the empress. Her green pallor was not nausea but a tint to her skin from masquerading as a wood aspect.
  • Mercury’s Envy with a giant ring made of Orichalcum and Soulsteel floating around it like a hula hoop.
    • Confirmed This is the Saturn’s Rings a Grave Goods version of Mercury’s Envy
  • A hooded figure going through some doors.
  • Note: Zuko Kota is now aware of two incidents in which someone stole drawings from Avria’s chamber while cloaking themselves from detection. They seemed to have taken images of a meeting of a Deliberative of some kind.

New Entries (11/12/12)

  • Ioni Valencia handing something to a muscular hairless man, something small enough to fit in the palm of his hands; it is the 3rd circle demon that wants diplomatic immunity.
  • Interns on Envy, one of the dragon-blooded and the sidereal half caste. They are injured and the Envy crew quarters disheveled. Half caste diving towards something unseen that should be visible.
    • Confirmed One of the interns was an Akuma and attacked them. We killed it
  • Ship coming through a hole in the sky raining ordnance on the center of Yu-Shan.
    • Update It’s the Tearing Gale shooting Yu-Shan
  • Picture of a box with a soul gem in it.
  • Tya Mnemia facing the Unconquered Sun. Both are pissed. Mnemia is totemic. Possibly Anastagio. Or maybe Seven Days Darkness.
  • Unconquered Sun face down on the ground with a dagger from the hidden manse sticking in his back. The dagger was destined to kill an Incarnae.

New Entries (6/14/14)

  • Spikes
  • A dark haired woman doing acrobatic and shooting tricks on horseback
    • Confirmed This was Sam from the Carnival in the World Of Darkness, she was a trick shooter
  • Puppets controlling puppets being controlled by a puppet master who doesn’t see or care that the puppets are all binding him with his own strings
    • Confirmed Yeah that’s Kharum with his dopplegangers trying to control the robots via the Great Curse and having it control him at the same time.
  • A giant charging bull crushing what looks to be a carriage that is now flat and was full of people and way more blood than there should be
    • CONFIRMED This happened while we were in Chicago and the Alchemical Avatar of New York crushed a bunch of Vampires.
  • A metal monkey(?) construct with more arms, eyes and fire than what a normal monkey should have complete with the word bubble “Now in EXTRA creamy!!”
    • Confirmed A creation of the squirrel girls on a mission to sell candy, so it jumped into the Well of Udr.
  • A massive warship attacking Yu-Shan
  • A great many of just a single curving line.

New Entries (9/5/2015)

  • The gang loading the monorail from the Silver Star with a large mechanical magitech device
  • A feminine hand loosely holding a soul gem from an Alchemical Exalted
  • Aerial view of Creation on fire
    • CONFIRMED This is the weird copy of Creation in the wild that Nazis under Lucy’s leadership were fucking up.
  • An elegantly appointed chamber with a silhouette of a person with glowing eyes and a night caste symbol and one monstrous hand (as though a practitioner of Infernal Monster style) standing over a bloody body
    • Confirmed This is when Mercury got brutally injured.
  • Fleet of giant flying First Age/Autocthonian Warships
    • CONFIRMED We found these in the Wyld and have a decent fleet, tho some were Gremlinized and taken by the Silver Prince before we got there.

New Entries (8/6/2015)

  • An Infernal with a big axe standing on a platform overlooking a forest with an Eye of Autocthon in his hand. We know this guy hates Halta
  • Malachi has punched someone, maybe Raksi, thru the base of 2 trees.
  • Solar council chambers in Emerald City with a lot of Gods and powerful Exalts including Nylessa (of the Daystar) in heated debate. No Solars are present.
  • Excavation and construction work around the base of the Imperial Mountain being done by enslaved residents of the Blessed Isle.
  • Technicians working around a gun emplacement that is on fire. The weapon is an Alchemical charm and seems mounted on a large structure.
  • Zuko in a big tree holding golden chords reaching out to the ground around the tree, as though holding together the ground around the tree’s base.
  • Avria seems uncertain how to finish this image: Reaper stepping thru a magical portal floating in air towards Avatar, she is holding something in her hand as though delivering it to him.
  • Woman with birdlike helmet and a cloak of feathers kneeling before a 4-armed figure (possibly Unconquered Sun but the face is obscured ). Behind them there are two doors, one headed up the other down, as tho the figure is offering the her a choice. These two doors are on the Daystar in a mural.
  • A hidden part of a library. The person from the previous image is watching two people who are attempting to hide while sneaking a smoke in the library. There is a window letting light in to indicate that this is in Creation.

New Entries (2/11/2017)

  • Wongbongurak holding the Swan Dragon’s daughter hostage.
  • The Lap after riots and fires have broken out in the industrial and residential district. The fires appear to be coordinated.
  • DBs being murdered by female akuma DB. In the background of the image is Ioni ducking for cover.
  • Voided out drawing of Faheem (the jerk kage bunshin twilight) murdering people in the Lap. Rua’nin and Kira have been injured badly.
  • Giant army defending Lap from armies that include undead.
  • Tunnel leading into darkness, the material of the tunnel shifts from worked stone to another glossy, material with circuitlike lines in it.
  • Control room of the Lap, Zuko is running it with Kadon and Yuki lecturing him on how to do something. Strewn on the floor are the ritual notes for cleansing the curse and Sasha (snake bitch’s Adamant daughter).

Porn Pile

  • Kadon Cind, Nessa, and Carmen, exhausted. Nessa is tied to the bed with the same special ribbons.
    • Confirmed Nessa IS carmen. but because of time travel they managed to have a threesome
  • View inside a brothel where a waitress is leaving a room with a half-full bottle of love potion. Inside the room Scarlet, Zis, and an unknown, hidden person appear to be playing a game, surrounding by drinking glasses.
    • Update Brothel was in Chiaroscuro they were meeting Gavin. No Twincest occurred.

Avria Drawings

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