New Combat Actions

Defend Other

Clarification: Without Charms, defending another individual is a Speed 5, DV -1 Miscellaneous action. It requires that the character be within (Dexterity) yards of his ward, and allows him to interpose his Parry DV against attacks which target the individual he is protecting. If an attacker bypasses the character’s Parry DV, she has the option of either letting the attack continue on to the guardian’s ward (in which case the attack will need to use its remaining successes to also beat the ward’s DVs), or she may simply let the attack strike the guardian himself. Parry-based perfect defenses such as Heavenly Guardian Defense may be used to automatically guard others, while dodge-based perfect defenses such as Seven Shadow Evasion do not impede attacks against the character’s ward at all. Only one Defend Other action may be placed in a flurry. If multiple characters attempt to defend a single target, one guardian (generally the individual with the highest Parry DV) becomes the leader of the guard, who actually applies his DV against attacks. Each additional character guarding the same ward raises the leader’s Parry DV by 1 when defending the ward. Up to five characters may simultaneously guard one human-sized ward on open ground.

Blockade Movement

Clarification: Without Charms, blocking another individual’s movement is a Miscellaneous Speed 5, DV -1 action. It requires that the character be directly interposed between the individual or individuals whose movement he is attempting to restrict and the place he is attempting to keep them from reaching (such as a doorway, or another character). When the targets attempt to move past the blocker, make a contested ([Strength or Dexterity] + Athletics) roll for both parties. Ties favor the blocker. If the blocker wins, the target cannot move past him toward the blocked destination. If the target wins, she may move as she wishes. A single blocker may impede up to three targets per Blockade Movement action at a time. Blockade Movement may be flurried to impede more than three individuals at once, if needed.

New Combat Actions

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